Friday, 11 November 2016

Significant Design Guidelines For Your Drupal Website

With the availability of a huge number of Drupal themes and the additional room for customization, one can create unique and optimum user experiences. If you have arrived at the stage of designing your Drupal website, then you must consider creating a unique design draft with a software such as photoshop and convert the PSD to Drupal theme. While creating an optimum PSD, you must consider adhering to some significant design guidelines which are as follows:

Make Use Of Latest Design Trends
A website which makes use of the latest design trends makes itself look appealing among its contemporaries. Some of the design trends of this year are using GIFs, motion animation, card layouts, hamburger menu, and hero images. According to your website’s goals, you can make use of an appropriate design feature that is also a trending one.

Make Your Website Accessible To The Disabled
A website design that allows for easy accessibility for users with hearing and visual disabilities goes a long way in ensuring maximum reach. Fortunately, Drupal has long supported the web accessibility initiative. The CMS provides extensive documentation for creating accessible themes and additionally, provides for modules that can render an optimum browsing experience for the disabled user.

Use An AMP Theme
The recently released open source initiative of Accelerated Mobile Pages has been adopted by major CMSes. Drupal provides for the feature in the form of AMP theme, AMP module, and AMP library. The three need to be installed for rendering an optimum loading speed for mobile web pages. The AMP theme complies with the AMP HTML standard and can be customised as per needs.

Optimum UI Design For Mobile-Users
While the AMP functionality renders speed to mobile web pages, it is important that you design a Drupal mobile website in accordance with the best responsive design practices.

Choose A Design That Provides For An Optimum Web-Performance
One of the ways to ensure an optimum performance of your website is to attend to its design aspect in the very beginning. A design that requires the use of many modules is more likely to result in a slow loading website whereas a design requiring lesser number of modules will more likely result in a faster-loading web page.

While creating a PSD for your Drupal site, the above-mentioned guidelines can come in handy for creating an optimum website design. After creating the PSD, make sure you avail excellent PSDto Drupal Conversion services as only a skillfully performed conversion can allow your design ideas to be translated to a live website.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Make A Responsive Static Website With The Following Steps

Considering the huge percentage of mobile internet users, making websites for mobile devices is becoming a sheer necessity for existing and future website owners. When making a responsive static website, you must follow the following steps:

Collect Content While Keeping The Website’s Goal In Mind
Know the purpose your website seeks to serve and in consideration of the purpose, ideate and collect content that you think to be necessary for your website. What tabs do you want to have on your website? And what should be the header and footer content of your website? Thus, keep the content of the various sections of your website ready.

Design A Structure & Make Mock-ups
In order to render an optimum website- viewing experience, a mobile or tablet website must have a different structure than the structure of a desktop website. The structure of a mobile or a tablet website must be designed in accordance with the size variances of the devices for which we wish to make a website. Next, you must incorporate the most essential elements in your mobile website design. Keeping in mind these essential must-have elements and the user-flow of a mobile user, make mock-ups of your website.

Employ Distinct Visual Features
After  finalizing upon the structure of your website, you must start considering essential design features for your website such as typography, colour combinations, images and animation. Every website will require a unique amalgamation of distinct features. A website’s layout can be added with such distinct features and put across as a visual representation with the help of a photoshop design.

Employ A Responsive Front-end Framework
After producing a suitable photoshop design, it is necessary to convert it into code that works for a mobile website. This can be done by using a responsive front-end development framework such as Bootstrap. The front-end development framework allows a developer to convert PSD to Bootstrap (that is, HTML/CSS code) by writing less code, making the work of the developer easier and quicker.

Use W3C Validated Code
W3C validation ensures that a website’s HTML code follows the standard coding rules. The step of validation is significant since bad code or code that does not follow formatting standards can negatively affect a website’s performance; its compatibility with different browsers; its accessibility from multiple devices and even its search engine rankings. Thus, when you avail markup conversion services, make sure the resultant code is W3C validated.

Thus, with the implementation of the aforementioned steps, we can obtain a static responsive website of good quality.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How To Make A Great Website For A University?

For any university, attracting the right fit and talent is the ultimate goal. A university website serves as a tool in finding the right talent and allows potential students to find the right university. With this purpose in mind, a university website must give an open picture about the university and let students find important information such as courses and application deadlines. Let us see what makes a great university website:

Authentic & High Quality Photos & Videos
Every prospective student would like to know what is the kind of life that people at a particular university lead. With authentic and high-quality photographs, you can show this effectively. Make sure that you employ photos that show diverse activities ranging from sport activities at your campus to academic events to cultural festivals. This is important as showcasing diverse activities promise a holistic growth to prospective students. Moreover, in order to let prospective students know about the life at the university, you can employ videos which feature students sharing their university experience.

Succinct Information About The University
It is important that you give information about your university in a brief and interesting manner. So, make sure the about us page is not loaded with text that most people leave only halfway through. With respect to the information about the university’s achievements and rankings, highlight these in brief bold statements along with infographics and statistics.

Bold Call To Action (CTA) Buttons
A university website must provide relevant CTA buttons such as an “apply now” button, and “plan a visit” button on its homepage and if possible, on the page of every department since it is very likely for a student to want to take a relevant action after viewing essential information about a department of his/her interest. Bold CTAs allow a prospective student to perform a relevant action with ease and speed.

Clearly Laid Out Course Details
All courses and departments must be clearly laid out in a bold typeface. Prospective students must be able to find courses of interest easily and find sufficient details too. A drop down menu enlisting all the departments can work fine. Additionally, important details such as coursework, application deadlines, and companies that have previously recruited from a particular department must be mentioned.

A Suitable Platform
Lastly, you would need a suitable platform for building a website that can be rendered with the aforementioned  features, and holds a good reputation in delivering website solutions for universities. Additionally, it must be easy to upgrade important content such as news and application deadlines on a university website. For requirements such as these, you would be required to employ a content management system, which has been previously used for building websites for universities. There are two names in the arena of CMS platforms which have been successfully deployed for big university names such as MIT and Harvard. They are - Drupal and Joomla. Moreover, a customized design solution can be implemented upon these platforms with the deployment of PSD conversion services.

Therefore, with a PSD to Joomla or PSD to Drupal Conversion Service, you can have a website for your university whose design features are customized to perfection.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Design Essentials For Your News Website That You Cannot Ignore

The design aspect of any website is extremely important as a well-designed website reflects your brand perfectly well, and allows visitors to find exactly what they need with the utmost ease. When creating a news and publishing website, you must make sure that its design renders the following characteristics to it:

With lots of content to offer, the chances of a news and publishing website becoming cluttered are very high and clutter drives website visitors away. Therefore, you must make sure that your website looks clean and uncluttered.

Easily Readable
The typography and the content layout must ensure easy readability of your website’s content. It is thus, advisable to deploy a grid-based layout for arranging the news content of your website with perfection.

Responsive Design
With a rise in the number of news readers adopting mobile and tablets for reading, it is imperative that your news website is designed for an optimum tablet/mobile reading and browsing experience.

Matches Your Brand Values
Your website’s look and feel must match the values and the purpose of your news venture. For instance, if your venture plans to feature celebrity news, then you must employ a suitable theme with bright and glossy colours.

The above characteristics can be achieved by a design process that allows the creation and the deployment of a customized design for the platform of your choice. A PSD to HTML5 Conversion allows one to to do the same. Moreover, the process is advantageous with the available use of dynamic media content on your website. Let us now, look at the PSD conversions that you must consider when creating a news website:
  • PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion: Trusted by names such as The NewYorker and TechCrunch, WordPress can be used effectively for creating a news website. A customized design solution for your WordPress news website will allow the perfect placement of the platform’s essential news-centric front-end plugins such as related posts, popular posts, and etc.
  • PSD to Drupal Theme Conversion: Drupal has been deployed for creating news websites of all scales. Examples include big names such as The Economist and Forbes, and college dailies such as The Harvard Voice. A customized Drupal theme can fulfil the design needs of your news website perfectly well.

Therefore, with the above-mentioned PSD conversions, you can render the perfect design for your news website.


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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Why Should You Use HTML5 For Your E-Commerce Website?

In the world where first impressions last forever, having an ideal appearance for your online store is of utmost importance. The appearance of an e-commerce website is powered by the programming languages of HTML and CSS. It is noteworthy to know that the fifth and the current version of the markup language, HTML 5, has given rise to a great potential in how the pages of an online store can look. The current version of the markup language can be used in creating templates and designs for most ecommerce platforms, including the popular online store management system, Opencart. Moreover, with PSD conversions such as PSD to Opencart conversion, you can get a customised e-commerce design solution readily.

The availability of such conversion services calls for an awareness of the kind of features HTML 5 can render to your online store. Let us, thus, know about these features in some detail:

Dynamic Media Content :
HTML5 allows an easy addition of dynamic content such as videos and animations on web pages. An ecommerce website using HTML 5 can make use of this feature effectively by using animated elements on their landing page. Moreover, videos telling about the latest discount sales can also be added to your website.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: The media feature of HTML5 automatically replaces the need for using flash files which require browser plugins to operate. Moreover, all major browsers of both, desktop and mobile devices, support HTML 5, enabling a hassle-free loading of the media elements of your website. Such cross-browser compatibility makes your online store favourably available to a huge number of potential and existing customers.

New Structural Elements: HTML 5 includes a host of new structural elements, which increases the flexibility for building the template for your online store. The new structural elements also make room for deployment of lesser code. This makes the code revision exercises for your online store quicker. Additionally, less code also means faster loading pages of your online store, something which is immensely valuable for reducing chances of website abandonment.

In consideration of the above mentioned favourable features, it is highly recommended that you deploy PSD to HTML 5 Conversion Services for your ecommerce website. The services, along with tapping the features of HTML 5 allow you to have a customized design solution for your online store.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

The Design Possibility For Your E-Commerce Venture That You Just Can’t Ignore

If you are an e-commerce store owner, then you cannot attract visitors with a traditional layout and design. You need to go off the beaten path and have a customised design that effectively attracts site visitors and also resonates with your brand values. When employing PSD conversion services, you must ensure the following:
1)W3C validated code- Make sure the HTML code of your converted designs are W3C validated so that your website crawls on search engine results easily, thus, ensuring website visibility and higher number of visitors.
2)Cross-Browser Compatibility- Make sure that your designs are converted in such a way, that your website can look good and perform well on the diverse range of browsers, which are available today.
3)Responsive Design-Make sure your converted designs allow an easy and enjoyable user experience for the ones accessing your website on mobile devices.

Along with the above guidelines, you must also know which PSD conversion you would require. Let us see which kinds of e-commerce needs call for which conversion:

PSD to Drupal Theme Conversion: With a diverse range of unique modules on its table, Drupal makes for an ideal choice for a non-traditional e-commerce website. Moreover, with modules that are extremely useful for making websites that are accessible to the disabled, the platform is a suitable choice for making a disabled-centric website or a venture that simply wants to create a comfortable experience for old and disabled users. Being primarily a content management platform, it is also highly suitable to add a repository of blog posts to your e-commerce website. In all the mentioned cases, a unique design will not only make your website stand out but also create a user-centric browsing experience.

PSD to OpenCart Conversion: OpenCart, being an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, spares your development costs and thus, is an ideal choice if you are a venture with a tight budget. With PCI compliancy and useful features such as discount coupon system, shipping weight calculation, printable invoices, SEO and etc., the platform is comparable with any of the modern e-commerce platforms. With minimal development costs, OpenCart offers scope for investing in the design of your website.

Thus, keeping in mind some essential guidelines, an e-commerce venture can envision and implement an exclusive  and functional design for its website.

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